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10 Tips for Fabulous Portraits | A Girl’s Guide for Awesome School Pictures

image to pinterestIt’s back-to-school season…..and that means school pictures will be coming up very soon!  Here are 10 tips to look your very best for your next portrait session:

(1)  Take care excellent care of your skin.  In the days (and weeks) leading up to picture day, be sure to wash your face every night.  Treat acne with medications that work for you.  This will improve your skin’s clarity and radiance.  Good skin care isn’t something you can fake the night before (or day of) your picture is made.

(2)  If you plan on getting a new hair cut, do it at least ONE WEEK or more before your scheduled portrait session.  This will give your hair plenty of time to adjust, and you will have time to practice styling it.

(3)  Make sure your manicure is fresh (no smudges or chips).  If you like to go natural, be sure that your nails are neatly trimmed to the same length.  Depending on the pose(s), your nails may not show.  But at least you will be prepared!

(4)  Spend a few moments in front of a mirror rehearsing your smile.  You’re going for a nice, relaxed, natural smile as opposed to a fake grin.  You won’t be able to see yourself while you are having your picture taken.  Practice the smile you want, and remember how it feels when you make it.

(5)  Plan your outfit in advance.  Make sure it is clean and wrinkle-free.  Lay out your jewelry and shoes, too.  This will go a long way to cut down on picture day stress.

(6)  Speaking of outfits, solid colors are best.  Stay away from colors (such as white) that wash you out.  Avoid prints and patterns because they take attention away from your face.  In addition, stay away from clothing with large logos for the same reason.

(7)  Get plenty of sleep the night before picture day.  This will help you avoid the dreaded bags under the eyes, and you will look fresh and well-rested.

(8)  Apply your make-up in natural light if possible.  Your photographer’s lights (strobes) will give off a white light.  If you apply your make-up in a yellow (tungsten) light or a light with a blue tint, the final results in your picture may be different than you intend.  Use matte products.  Avoid shimmery make-up; and NO to glitter.

(9)  When picture day arrives, pose for the camera with confidence!   You are beautiful in your own unique way.  Let your natural beauty shine!  As you smile for the camera, think about something that makes you truly happy.

(10)  Follow your photographer’s suggestions.  If he/she asks you to tilt your head a bit or move a certain way, do it!  Even if it feels slightly unnatural, trust that your photographer is trained and can see the overall big picture.

Picture day CAN be stressful, but following these tips will give you a lot of confidence and help you look your very best!

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