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2014 Favorites

2014 was a fantastic year!!!  My Let’s Talk Photography group on FaceBook has issued a challenge:  to post my top 12 favorite images from this calendar year.  This has been difficult!  I’ve already received a blessing by reviewing many of the images I’ve captured over the past 12 months.  So many great memories!  I’ve been flooded with emotions ranging from joy to awe to nostalgia.  It was really tough to narrow it down to JUST 12 images to share in this summative post.

So here you go (in no particular order):

(1)  This is from one of my first sessions of the year.  Julie was a high school senior at the time, and she is absolutely stunning.  I love the urban vibe of this image.  It’s appropriate, too, because Julie is now attending fashion college in New York City!  She loves the city, and the look of this picture brings out that aspect of her personality.

Julie 03_edited-1image to pinterest

(2)  I am an avid distance runner, and shooting a “running” session was something I had wanted to do for quite some time.  I talked my friend, Amanda, into modeling for me.  She did great!  I was excited to showcase my favorite sport.

run 10 webimage to pinterest

(3)  My oldest son, Joshua, graduated from high school this year.  This is my favorite prom image with his date, Jasmine.  And Spanish moss.  Need I say more?

JJ prom 09_edited-1image to pinterest

(4)  I shot my first wedding this past summer.  Thank you again, Ele Simmons, for trusting me with this milestone event in your life!  This was awesome and terrifying and everything else a photographer’s first wedding should be.

Simmons 280 proofimage to pinterest

(5)  Here’s another gorgeous senior!  Autumn is all about soccer, and (even though we did lots of other shots) she told me that the soccer pics were the “most important.”  This image shows how serious, beautiful, and awesome she is!

Autumn 03 proofimage to pinterest

(6)  My job is not to just document people’s lives through pictures.  I’m helping them tell their story.  It’s about the connections.  Their emotions. Their uniqueness.  Their inner beauty.  Melissa and David have great chemistry, and I just love the expressions on their faces in this moment.

M and D 12 webimage to pinterest


(7)  Olivia and Steven are so excited that little Luke is on his way!  (expected arrival:  March 2015)  And so am I.  Being a great-aunt is going to be wonderful!  Please don’t judge, but I FINALLY got the backlighting  just like I wanted in an image.  Victory!

A 08 webimage to pinterest

(8)  Another thing on my bucket list was to do a fog session.  One recent Saturday morning, I woke up to fabulous, pea soup fog.  Awesome!  This image was shot in a field in front of Home Depot.

fog 03 webimage to pinterest


(9)  I captured this image in the French Quarter of New Orleans.  I used a long exposure during the “blue hour.”  Did I have a tripod?  Nope.  I set my camera on a stone monument and waited (and waited) patiently for several strangers to move out of the way.  I used the time delay to avoid blur.  This image makes me happy!

nola 057 webimage to pinterest

(10)  One of the highlights of my year was attending a Julie Paisley Photography real wedding workshop in the farm country of Pennsylvania.  Julie is an awesome teacher/mentor!  I learned so much and asked a million questions that weekend.  This particular image was from a “day after” session with the bride and groom.  This couple is amazing!  They did whatever we asked them to do.  We walked several yards through thick woods to get this fabulous shot in front of a waterfall.  You’ve got to love clients who will do crazy things like this to get gorgeous shots!

workshop proof 007image to pinterest

(11)  I’ve already mentioned how much I love running.  This was my third season coaching my school’s cross country team.  I love these kids!  Each one of them is special to me.  They inspire me so much.  And, yes, the fog is real!  This was taken before one of our (VERY early) meets.

cc 03 webimage to pinterest

(12)  Lastly, I’m including an image of my #1 all-time favorite model–my daughter, Gracie.  At eight years old, she is beautiful and sweet and sassy and wonderful.  I have so many great images of her that I could have chosen, but I picked this one because her personality comes across so strongly.  Also, it was is a studio shot (using two Alien Bee 800s with parabolic umbrellas).  One of my goals for 2015 is to do more studio work.

G studio 09 webimage to pinterest

So there you go.  My top 12 for 2014.  Thank you for reading till the end.  I am really thankful for the support of my family, friends, clients, and other photographers.  I am particularly appreciative of the support of my husband, Troy.  He loves me unconditionally and always knows just what to say.  And I know that God has blessed me beyond measure.  I always want to stay in the center of His will.  I am passionate about life-long learning.  I will continue to seek to grow as a photograph in 2015.  It’s going to be a great year!!!

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