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2016 Goal: Cultivate Gratitude | Jacksonville photographer

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This post is the third in a series about my my goals for 2016. If you missed the first two, you can catch up with my first post HERE and with my second post in the series HERE.

Today’s post is all about CULTIVATING GRATITUDE.

I originally caught on to this concept when it appeared as a “sign” on another professional photographer’s Instagram feed. Actually the original saying went like this: “Cultivate gratitude over comparison.”

But I would like to expand this for myself into cultivating more gratitude in my own life in general.

Here’s the thing–> in the past, I’ve often found myself sucked into a bad attitude by thinking about the things I don’t have. The vacation I’d rather be on right now. The skills that I don’t seem to possess yet. The list goes on….

So here are some steps that I’m implementing/trying harder to do in 2016.

(1) Stop wishing away my time. I’m not going to let myself “work for the weekend”, wishing often throughout the day that it was Friday already! In addition, I have three incredibly awesome trips planned for this summer, but I’m not going to wish my time away between now and then. I’m going to be grateful for each day the Lord gives me. He has something he wants me to accomplish NOW. TODAY. I’m going to seek it out, work hard, and do my best.

(2) Stop focusing on things I DON’T have. I have a wish list for pretty much every area of my life: photography equipment, jewelry, clothes, updates I want to make to my house. (My bedroom is just awful.) I’m going to make a conscious effort to appreciate what I DO have. God has given me and my family so very much. I don’t thank Him enough for it. I’m going to remember that “things are just things” more often.

(3) Stop beating myself up for not being as successful as someone else. This is hard, because it’s easy to look at great, famous photographers and see how I fall short. I’ve got to stop comparing myself and set my own standards for success. Julie Paisley helped me work out a plan for defining what success means to me. For 2016, my goal is to book 5 weddings, book 10 maternity sessions, blog three times each week, and stay on top of my business consistently throughout the year.

So far…..I’m off to a good start! What are your thoughts on this? What else should I add to my list?

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