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A New Bridal Trend I Adore | Jacksonville wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, I look at a wedding photos pretty much every day. Whether it’s on Intagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or someone’s blog, I really enjoy seeing the work of other wedding photographers.

I love all the details that make a wedding great–> the jewelry, the shoes, the floral arrangements, the bouquets, the cake…….the list goes on and on! Over time, I’ve noticed that there are trends that come and go in the wedding industry.

For instance, there was a phase during which all the bouquets seemed to be made of the same type of flowers bound up together in a tight bundle. (Not my favorite trend ever.) The flowers kind of lost their individuality and became part of one big mass. I’m more a fan of a looser bouquet with lots of different types and colors of flowers. That’s just me. I think a bride should choose whatever SHE really likes, of course!

For many years, the strapless wedding dress has been the standard for brides. However, one trend I am really loving right now is that we are starting to see more and more SLEEVES on wedding dresses!

Here’s a shot of the gorgeous bride from a wedding I photographed last month:

image to pinterest

Her gown is gorgeous, and she didn’t have to worry about tan lines or the many other issues that come with wearing a strapless gown.

In addition, a strapless gown doesn’t flatter every bride. I’m so pleased to see more and more wedding dresses offered that are designed with sleeves! I know many designers have a “sleeves can be added” policy. But that’s just not the same as a designer creating a garment that’s meant to have sleeves.

I’d love to post some pictures of some of the gowns with sleeves that I’ve seen recently. But I’m pretty sure that would involve breaking at least one (if not more) copyright law. So I’ll post some links instead.

I adore the dresses offered by BHLDN.

And vintage-inspired dresses by Catherine Deane steal my heart!

In addition, a shop I’ve followed on Instagram for a long time specializes in vintage apparel. They have some stunning wedding gowns! Link to Shop Gossamer HERE.

With all of the awesome designs out there, it’s hard NOT to find a dress with sleeves that you love!


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