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A Tale of Two Proms

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Jonathan and Cristina are both seniors in Jacksonville, Florida. Because they attend different schools, they also got to attend TWO proms! And, of course, they needed prom pictures for both. Would you expect anything less???

Jonathan’s prom came first, in April. Eagle’s View Academy held their prom at the beautiful Garden Club of Jacksonville in historic Riverside. Since his school rented the venue for the prom, we had access to Garden Club’s gorgeous courtyard. [It’s normally gated to the public.] We happened to be the only people there at the time, so it made the photography session so much easier than trying to work around other visitors in a local park.

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Cristina’s prom came next, in May. Douglas Anderson School of the Arts held their prom at Everbank Field, which is the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. We wanted a location near great restaurants that also wasn’t too far from the football stadium.

We originally planned to take those prom pictures in Avondale. One of my favorite parks is located there near St. Vincent’s Hospital.

However, looming rainstorms caused us to change locations. Seriously, we were so fortunate to NOT be soaked with rain during this session! In fact, it rained on our way to the session……plus a little at the beginning. But, on the bright side, I finally got to use the clear umbrella I’ve been saving for just such an occasion.

When I realized that rain was NOT going to be avoided, I suggested a new location: San Marco Square. The main reason for this is that I knew we could deal with the ground being wet better HERE (rather than a grassy/muddy park.) There are so many sidewalks and paved areas. Plus, San Marco is absolutely A D O R A B L E! I’ve shot here several times, and it never disappoints!

ONE sweet couple…..TWO completely different looks.

THREE cheers for great prom nights for Jonathan and Cristina!

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