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When Amber contacted me about photographing her outdoor wedding, I was immediately excited. Both Amber and Ron have children, so they wanted to have a simple ceremony in a local park. I really love how they involved their children, other family members, and a few close friends. Amber explained to me that capturing pictures of them as a new family was an important goal of the day.

You never really know how the weather is going to be in Florida on a February afternoon. It ended up being a gorgeous day! Although the ceremony was in a park, the couple had plenty of privacy for their event. A good friend of the couple who is a minister officiated, and Amber and Ron’s children served as the attendants.

I have to say that I am a little jealous because Amber and Ron spent their honeymoon in beautiful Costa Rica! I’ve been to neighboring Nicaragua a few times on mission trips, and I know how beautiful that part of Central America is. In addition, the pace of life is very relaxed there. I’m sure they had a wonderful time!

Another thing I really loved about Amber and Ron’s wedding is that they did a first look. Often, brides want to stay very traditional and NOT see the groom before the ceremony. And that’s OK. I respect that. However, building in extra time to see each other before the ceremony is very sweet. It allows the couple to have some private moments together and calm one another’s nerves. It also allows for more portraits with the bride and groom. After the ceremony, it’s time to celebrate! A first look allows me to take more pictures in a much more relaxed fashion. Plus, the guests don’t have to wait nearly as long to celebrate with the happy couple. It’s a win/win, in my opinion!

Here are some of my favorite images from this wedding. Amber and Ron both have fun, great personalities, and it really shows in their pictures!

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