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Beau and Tessa | Old Sheldon Church Ruins

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Beau and Tessa live in the area between Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina…….Low Country, as it’s called. The landscape around there is is dotted with beautiful, intriguing salt marshes. You’ll also find many beautiful historic sites, such as the Old Sheldon Church Ruins. Originally built in the mid-eighteenth century as Prince William’s Parish Church, the structure was burned by British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. It was rebuilt in 1826, but now just the shell of it remains.

I live many miles away in Jacksonville, Florida. I stumbled upon pictures these historic ruins a couple of years ago….probably on another photographer’s social media account. As a lover of antiques and all things vintage, I immediately added a visit to the Old Sheldon Church Ruins to my bucket list.

And, this past spring break, I was able to check it off!

My husband needed surprisingly little twisting of his arm to plan to go there as a mini getaway for two. We ended up staying in Beaufort, South Carolina, which is one of the cutest little towns I’ve ever visited. (I need to do a whole separate post on our trip!!!)

Once Troy and I decided to go, I knew that I wanted to photograph a COUPLE at the ruins. So I researched and then took action. When I posted about a photography session in a local Low Country group on social media, Beau and Tessa responded. And their story is absolutely amazing!

Beau and Tessa got married last October—–the SAME EXACT WEEKEND that Hurricane Matthew came through the area. As you can imagine, this was quite problematic! (And I thought losing electricity at my house in Jacksonville because of the hurricane was bad.)

Long story short, the couple had to move the location of their wedding. Their original photographer was unable to come because of the severe weather/travel conditions. They made emergency arrangements for another photographer to cover their wedding. Unfortunately, they never saw any of the pictures and have been unable to get in touch with her. So, basically, Beau and Tessa ended up getting married on their original wedding date, but they don’t have any¬†professional pictures from their big day.

I really enjoyed photographing these two¬†at the Sheldon Church Ruins. They are so sweet and friendly in person! As the session went on, I found out more and more about their story. And I’m so impressed with their strength together and love for each other! This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “A wedding is a party, not a performance. If, at the end of the day, you are married to the one you love, then everything went perfectly.”

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