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Black and White Isn’t Always So Black and White | Jacksonville photographer

As a professional photographer, I absolutely LOVE black and white photography!

I use a Canon 5D Mark III, and my camera will allow me to shoot in black and white. However, I choose to always shoot in color so that no data is ever lost. This also gives me the option of producing the final image in both color and black and white.

There are many ways to take the original data from a memory card and convert it into a monochromatic image. Lately, I have been using Deluxe B/W Actions by Florabella. This is a rich, varied collection of black and white Photoshop actions. One thing that I really like about this action set is that I can adjust all of the minor components of each action. For example, if extra contrast was applied as part of the action, I can turn it up, turn it down, or turn it off completely. This allows me incredible control over my images.

Black and white photographs really bring out the emotion in an image. Ted Grant said, “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white, you photograph their souls.”

As you’ll see below…… and white isn’t always, well, so black and white. There are many nuances to it. And I think that’s wonderful! I can pick the effect that best tells the story I want to convey to the viewer.

Here’s an original that I edited in color:

image to pinterest

Next, I’ll show that same image, but in black and white……..NINE different ways. Each one is different. They were all edited in Photoshop with the Deluxe B/W Actions by Florabella. I made some adjustments on each one, so it someone else wouldn’t be able to duplicate exactly what I did just by running the actions. As you will see, each image is different from the others. (I also need to let you know that this action set comes with 16 actions plus several bonus additions. I just picked nine to show.) (In addition, I am not endorsed or being compensated by Florabella in a any way. I just really like this action set!)

image to pinterestimage to pinterestimage to pinterest

Each one has a unique vibe. Some are soft and light, some are moody, some are crisp and fresh. Even treatments that are close, like vanity and film, have minor differences.

Really, it all comes down to how I want my observer to feel when he/she looks at my image.

I have a couple of favorites from above. I really like organic and film, but new vintage is my #1 choice.

What about you? Which images speak to you the most?



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