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Callie’s First Christmas | Jacksonville photographer

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This sweet little girl is going to have her very first Christmas this year! And, as you can see, she is pure sweetness! Callie loves to look at the lights, and she loves to be with parents and older brother. She has brought so much joy to her family!

These images were fun to capture in front of Callie’s family’s Christmas tree. I wish I had taken a pull-back shot of our set-up. We made a wide bench out of furniture for her to lay on, and then we covered it with a soft blanket. Don’t worry–she was safe the whole time. I shot these images with my 85mm lens @ f/1.8 to achieve the nice bokeh in the background. I really like how some of the lights at the bottom seem to overlap the blanket. They didn’t in real life. The tree was actually a couple of feet behind her! The living room was really dark, so I bumped up the lighting on her face a bit with two video lights. That way I didn’t have to use flash.

Three-month-old babies are typically difficult to photograph by themselves, so I really like this pose. She tired after awhile, so Callie’s session was short. Her mom was ready with several outfits and bows. :)  This Christmas will come and go, but they will have these images to remember in the many years to come.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!!!

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