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Callie’s One Year Session

As Callie’s first birthday approached,

I knew that her one year session had to be absolutely amazing!

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My great-niece, Callie, turned one year old yesterday. It’s kind of funny because it seems like she was just born a few months ago. Time flies so quickly these days! Even though Hurricane Irma will be here in less than 24 hours, we were still able to celebrate at her birthday party this morning! Fortunately, I was able to photograph this session for her earlier this week.

the planning

When Callie’s mom and I first discussed her one year photo session, we both knew it had to be: (1) something really special AND (2) unmistakably girly. When her mom mentioned the idea of a tepee, our plans took off from there.

After shopping around on both Etsy and Amazon, we settled on this model. (This is NOT an affiliate link.)

We also were able to incorporate several other items we already had: a special blanket Callie received at her birth, a vintage handmade blanket with yellow flowers, framed letters that spell her name from Callie’s shower, several banners and garland pieces from my stock, and an adorable bear from Boston Avenue Babies on Etsy.  (Again, NOT an affiliate link.)

Another thing I loved about this session is that we did it early in the morning…..almost right after sunrise. Callie gets up early in the day, anyway. Plus, we were able to beat the heat and the rain. Since we live in Jacksonville, Florida, we’ve gotten a TON of rain this summer. As I predicted, there was dew on the ground. However, I planned ahead by bringing plastic tablecloths to act as liners underneath the tepee and blankets.

We chose to do the session in an empty field that’s just a couple of minutes from Callie’s house. That’s proof that you don’t need a fancy park…or the beach…to have a beautiful session.

And the flower patch……..That was a complete surprise to all of us! At first, Callie wasn’t sure about it, but she quickly came around to the idea of being in the middle of it. She really enjoyed being close-up to the gorgeous blooms. They ended up being just the right height for her!

It all came together!

In case you can’t tell from the images, Callie is just as sweet on the inside as she is cute on the outside. She is almost always happy and content. I’m so blessed to be able to document the milestone of her turning one year old!

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A small flower patch can have a big impact!

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