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Christmas Freedom | Jacksonville photographer

When I look through my Instagram feed, I see an assortment of posts from my friends. I love catching glimpses of their lives as they share little snippets through social media! In addition, my feed is populated by many images from professional photographers. I follow several individuals that have incredible talent and creativity! While many reside in the U.S., I also follow several photographers from other countries.

I was recently dumbfounded by a post from a fellow photographer that lives in the Czech Republic. At first, it just seemed to be a picture of her children decorating their Christmas tree. However, upon reading her post, I discovered that the picture was actually taken in 2014. She shared that the region in which they live is “unstable”; they wait until Christmas Eve to put up their tree and decorate it.



Just let that sink in.

I take SO VERY MUCH for granted. I don’t worry about having to suddenly flee my home or not being able to be there because of civil unrest/war to enjoy my (two) Christmas tree(s). My family and I had the privilege to put them up the day after Thanksgiving. And we will enjoy them for several weeks. So this year, as I admire my Christmas trees and decorations, I’m also filled with a sense of gratitude and appreciation. For physical freedom. For freedom to worship Christ. For freedom IN Christ because of His sacrifice on Earth.

And I pray for peace for all.

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