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{Creative Portrait Workshop at Studio 3E}

          Last Saturday, I attended my first workshop since joing the Jacksonville Photography Meetup Group.  It was held at Studio 3E in downtown Jacksonville.  When I walked in, I was amazed!  It’s been described as a “photographer’s playground,” and I totally agree.  The spacious loft on the third floor of a warehouse has been divided into sets.  Each set has a different type of lighting.  Oh, and the props!  From large furniture to small books, a plethora of objects surrounds each station.
          As we gathered at the beginning of the workshop, I’ll have to say that I was a little intimidated.  Everyone else seemed to have a lot better equipment that me.  Our teacher, Robert Dodd, later assured me that it really didn’t matter.  He knew I could still get great images with my gear.  It’s all about the creativity.  
          During the instructional portion of the event, Robert gave us several great tips for taking our portraits from blah to exceptional.  Using models, he demonstrated how to bring out emotion and create drama.  He patiently answered all of our questions.
          Then it was our turn!  We broke up into groups and traveled around the studio to four different lighting situations.  There were several professional models for us to use.  They were super!  Here are some of my favorite images:

          The workshop was very beneficial to me.  Besides taking some great images, the top three things I learned are:  (1) more ways in which to bring out the emotion and drama in my subjects, (2) the type of studio lighting that I prefer, and (3) I don’t have to have the best equipment to produce solid, creative photographs.

          I have started off as a natural-light photographer, and that is still my first love.  However, I know that I want to begin acquiring the pieces for an indoor studio.  This workshop really helped me decide on the type of lighting I want to use.  In addition, I really like the fashion photography side of things.  I would love to work with more models in the future! 

Models featured in this post (in order of appearance):   Taylor Rodd, Amber Vachon, Daniel Miller, and Terrance Hightower
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