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Goal for 2016: Blog Consistently | Jacksonville photographer

Each Friday during the month of January, I’ve shared a different specific goal I have for 2016.  (Except for New Year’s Day……That particular post was about my renewed focus for my business.)

My previous posts in this series were about working smarterpursuing progress–not perfection, and cultivating gratitude.

Today, I’m discussing my goal to blog consistently in 2016. Three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Let me tell you…..that is easier said than done.  It takes commitment, planning, and hard work.

Honestly, I’ve been working on my blogging for the past few months. It started last fall, when I participated in the Six-Week Blogging Challenge hosted by Showit. As a participant, I wrote a blog post based on a specific prompt once a week for six weeks. It was a wonderful challenge, and it opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities. At the end of the challenge, I was actually chosen as the runner-up to the winner. The nice people at Showit sent me a $50 Starbucks gift card!

One of the best things about participating in that blogging contest was the blogging template they provided. Below is my original blogging calendar for January.

image to pinterest

And now you’ll see a closeup of what that same calendar looked like at the end of the month.

image to pinterest

It’s a bit messy. And that’s OK. Changes need to happen sometimes. I think the point is that I started with a plan and stuck to it, in general. I’m happy to say that each post was either written ahead of time or on time. And each post was published on time. Victory!!!

(I’m actually going to post this particular one a few hours early because I have to go out of town extremely early tomorrow morning.)

Will February be this messy? Maybe. And that’s OK, too.

I’m happy that I’ve met my goal for January. One month down……11 months to go. Probably the most discouraging thing about this is that I’m not sure that anyone is actually reading my blog. All the pros giving advice out there (and there are A LOT of them) say that blogging pays off. People will start to pay attention. I hope that’s true. If you’re reading this, please leave me a comment of encouragement below. Thank you!!!

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