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I’m going to be really honest here. I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself for the past several days. Almost two weeks ago, I woke up with a random, sharp pain in my rib cage. After putting off going to the doctor for a week, I finally broke down and went in for an appointment. Which was followed up the next day with an appointment with an orthopedic physician. They say that I have a rib that is “stuck.”

And it still hurts…….very badly. I have an appointment with a chiropractor later this morning. I’m really hoping and praying that she can help! I haven’t been able to sleep well for almost two weeks because it hurts the most when I lie down.

So, needless to say, I’ve been less than happy lately. And I’ve felt sorry for myself because I’ve had to stop running for now. I’m trying to train for the River Run (which is in March), so this is definitely a setback. At first, I kept running. But, as the pain has gotten worse, I’ve missed my last three runs.

And then I went to church last Wednesday night. I found out that one of my friends probably has pancreatic cancer AGAIN. She was in remission, but she’s been hurting for awhile. And her doctor just told her that her markers have gone up again.

So while I’m whining and feeling sorry for myself about a stupid rib, she’s dealing with THAT.

And God gently reminded me that His grace is sufficient. It’s enough for me. It’s enough for my friend with pancreatic cancer. It’s enough for my friend who can’t have children. It’s enough for my friend who’s going through a divorce. It’s enough for my friends with a prodigal son. It’s enough for my friend who is devastated financially.

All around me, others are going through their own trials. But God’s grace is ALWAYS enough, we just have to trust, obey, and follow His will. He will guide and provide.

I’ve had the words to one of my favorite songs on my heart ever since God convicted me about my bad bad attitude.

I was lost when You found me here.
You pulled me close and held me near.
And I’m a fool, but still You love.
I’ll be a fool for the King of love.
He gave me wings so I could fly.
And gave me a song to color the sky.
And all I have is all from You.
And all I want is all of You.

It’s grace, Your grace.
I’m nothing without You.
Your grace, Your grace
Shines on me.

And there’ve been days when I’ve walked away.
Too much to carry, nothing left to say.
Forgive me Lord when I’m weak and lost.
You traded heaven for a wooden cross.
And all these years You’ve carried me.
You’ve been my eyes when I could not see.
And beauty grows in the driving rain.
Your oil of gladness in the times of pain.

Your grace, Your grace.
I’m nothing without You.
Your grace, Your grace
Shines on me.

Here’s the link to the song, Grace. (written by Michael W. Smith) This beautiful song was recorded in 2009, and it has ministered to my heart so many times. It helps me keep God first and everything else in the right perspective.

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