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Happy 4th of July! | Jacksonville Child Photographer

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Independence Day!  I want to share a few quick photos of my kids.  This was SO impromptu!

Let me give you some background…..  When they were little (even before #3 was born), in the summer we would buy an Old Navy flag shirt for each child.  They were SO cute in their matching shirts!  And then, as the years went by, we somehow stopped.  I guess Old Navy has sold flag shirts every year.  But, for whatever reason, we quit purchasing them matching flag shirts.

Flash forward to 2015:  A few days ago, my mother-in-law surprised the kids with Old Navy flag shirts.  They’re BACK!

Before everyone went their separate ways today (the oldest 2 had a youth thing to go to with kids from church), I grabbed all of the kids and insisted that we take some pictures.  They didn’t even protest.  :)  We did it in our backyard so that our dog, Maggie, could be in them, too.  She IS part of the family, after all.  I wish we had thought ahead and gotten her a red bandanna–or something patriotic.  Oh well.

I’m so glad we have this day set aside to celebrate freedom.  And family.  Including kids that are growing up way too fast.  Life is short.  Savor times like these.  Be present on your journey!

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