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I Believe…..

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As a Jacksonville photographer, things can get pretty overwhelming. Fast.

Socrates was on the right track when he said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”

Rather than going through life reacting to one thing after another, it’s important to step back and analyze how things are going. What is important? What is truly meaningful? What is going to stand the test of time?

I’m going through a course right now with Justin and Mary Marantz that involves digging deep into who I am as a person, as well as who I am as a photographer. This has been an eye-opening thing for me. It’s hard work to set aside the hustle and business and really think about what I stand for….and how I am serving my clients.

One of the assignments in the course is to identify several “I believe….” statements. These are the important things that [should] drive my photography business. Collectively, they form the filter through which I need to funnel all of my business decisions. Big and small… believes affect what I do.

You might think this would be an easy thing to do. You would be wrong! After several days and quite a few edits, here’s my list:

(1) I believe in being real over striving for perfection. There’s no replacement for authenticity.

(2) I believe in true love that never fails.

(3) I believe in finding beauty and joy in the little things.

(4) I believe in lifelong learning.

(5) I believe in pursuing God and His plan for my life.

(6) I believe in making moments count and living life well.

(7) I believe in being married to your very best friend.

(8) I believe in the importance of stories and how powerful it is to share YOUR story.

(9) I believe in printing your favorite pictures because they are visual anchors to important relationships.

So there you have it…..these are the core values that drive my photography business.

I am so glad that I did the hard work of thinking through these and writing them out. Doing something like this really does make things more clear.

I also think I need to do this for my life in general. There will be several points that overlap, of course. I think that’s quite natural and good. :)

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