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I love Instagram. Maybe.

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I guess you can say I have a love/hate not so much love relationship with Instagram. OK….so maybe I picked the lamest title EVER. But it’s how I feel about Instagram. Truth.

I love it because…….

(1) I can post my work/things that inspire me and share these with my followers. In my photography business, I focus on wedding photography + custom engagement and maternity images. It’s great to be able to share my work on a daily basis.

(2) I can follow other photographers I love. I gain so much inspiration from their work! It helps me see what’s possible and expand my own creativity.

(3) I can follow my friends and family. This lets me see what they’ve been up to. And comment/like their photos.

(4) Other photographers–even very well-known ones–will often interact with me when I comment on their posts. That’s pretty awesome!

(5) I can search for specific things–like #Jacksonville–to know what’s going on in a certain place or person or event or idea. (Such as #gastrofest or #prom2016 or #campmilton.)

(6) It’s really encouraging when other people like and comment on my work. People that would never see it were it not for Instagram.


And I don’t like Instagram so much because…..

(1) Comparison can be SO horrible. You know it. I know it. Yet it still happens. All. The. Time. It’s one thing to get inspiration. It’s another thing when you find yourself feeling bad and/or depressed because your work just doesn’t measure up.

(2) People unfollow me all the time. And I just have to wonder WHY? Did they suddenly decide they don’t, in fact, like my work? Is it because I didn’t follow them back? (I HATE that game!) Is it because I’ve been posting too often? ….not often enough? Is my work not consistent enough for them? Did I post a quote/Scripture that offended them? I will never know. But it seems like I hover around approximately the same amount of likes, yet I gain and lose followers all the time.

(3) The worst is when I post an image of myself….and then get unfollowed. Ouch.

(4) I sometimes find myself spending too much time on Instagram.

(5) It’s really easy to fall into a pattern of simply mimicking others–instead of being creative and putting my own spin on things.


So…..I really do mostly like Instagram. And some of the negative things about it are either things that I CAN control (like limiting my time on it) or things I can control by responses to. Instagram doesn’t define me. It never should. And whether I have 50 or 5000 followers, that’s not where I should ever look to for my self-worth. Ever. So I’m going to keep posting away. And enjoy Instagram, all the while being aware of and trying to avoid the negative aspects of it.

And, in case you’re curious… can view my Instagram profile HERE.

What about you? How do you feel about Instagram. And, more importantly, how do you handle the negative aspects about it? Please feel free to comment below or send me a private message.

Happy Instagramming!

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