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I see this every morning…..and it makes me smile!

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Routines. We all have them. They make life a little smoother. A little less stressful. Routines are the parts of life that we can do on auto-pilot.

My morning typically consists of a whole bunch of routines strung together. Wake up. Get a shower. Make coffee. Do my daily devotion. Eat breakfast. Make the lunches……the list goes on.

My final routine before I walk out the door is to stand at my dresser and put on my jewelry. And right beside my jewelry box, tucked into the edge of the mirror, is one of my favorite photos in the whole world. I took it back in 2010. That’s seven years ago, if you do the math. :) I’ve never put it in a frame [although I probably should.] But when I see this picture, it makes me smile.

My best-friend-in-the-whole-world/husband is the person behind the camera in the picture. When I took this image, we really didn’t know what we were doing. At all. Neither of us were professional photographers [yet.] And please, PLEASE don’t judge us by that horribly cheap and flimsy tripod! We were just two people in love that were discovering our love for photography. Together.

I remember that day well. We were visiting family in Tennessee. And it just so happens that our relatives lived right next door to part of the Appalachian Trail. How awesome is that?!

It was December, so of course as native Floridians we bundled up in our warmest jackets and went exploring. As we walked along the rocky trail, birds chirped back and forth, and we were soothed by the cheerful bubbling of the nearby mountain stream. I can still remember the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot. The crisp air made the climb down to a small waterfall easy work.

I’m pretty sure it took BOTH of us to set up the tripod for our beloved little Canon Rebel T1i. (Yes, that was our first DSLR.) And I remember being nervous the whole time that it might fall. But we were so excited to try a slow shutter speed for the first time!

Then we went further on the trail, chatting back and forth, soaking in all of the beauty around us. It was a great afternoon!

Since that day, we’ve upgraded in many ways. I now have a Canon 5D Mark iii. Troy has gone micro four-thirds on me. But now we don’t fight over lenses. Oh, and we have MUCH better tripods! I own a Manfrotto, and Troy has a great travel tripod. I went on to become a professional wedding and portrait photographer, while Troy is content as a hobbyist. He enjoys landscape photography most.

This picture of Troy from that special day back in 2010 stays secured in the edge of my dresser mirror. It reminds me of our trip. But, even more than that, it speaks of our deep love and friendship. It causes me to remember the joy of discovering photography together and what it was like when we first realized that we could capture meaningful, artistic images that can stand the test of time.

I’m so glad this picture is not buried somewhere in the megabytes on my computer. It’s printed for us to enjoy. In the midst of the monotony of my daily routines, it’s a visual anchor to my person and the love we both have for photography.

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