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Introducing Gracie’s New Room

When we first moved into our house, my daughter was three.  The pink bedroom in the back of the house was perfect for her!  In addition to being pink, it boasted several hand-painted murals on the walls.  It was the quintessential little girl’s bedroom.

Fast forward a few [awesome] years…..Gracie is now nine.  Yes, my baby girl is NINE!  And the pink bedroom just wasn’t cutting it anymore.  In fact, Miss G has decided that she prefers blue to pink.  She loves to read, and she loves cats.  So it was time for a redesign.

Let me tell you, this was a bare budget re-do!  [I haven’t watched all of those hours of HGTV for nothing!]  We already had the tall chest.  It was white, but it used to be green…and then stained brown in between.  It belonged to my grandparents, and keeping it was a must.  I found an old dresser and night stand at a thrift store.  I painted all three pieces with chalk paint to match her bedspread.

Gracie still needed a headboard, so I put the word out on Facebook.  [It never hurts to ask, right?]  A friend of mine happened to be getting rid of an awesome, solid wood queen headboard, and we were able to settle on a good price.  The battered oak finish got an update with matte white chalk paint.

God has blessed me with a sewing machine + a mom who taught me how to use it.  I was able to make the curtains and decorative pillows.  An awesome stencil helped me transform some of the wooden accents in the room.  Oh, and I bought two huge canvases and created mixed media collages for her big wall.  Super inexpensive and fun!

Finally, we said goodbye to the carnation pink walls and hello to a nice, neutral gray.  Total transformation!

Gracie loves her new “big girl” room.  Don’t tell her I called it that, because she rolls her eyes at terms like that.  :)  She let me take some shots of her, too.  I know this blog post is LONG overdue.  Thanks to all my family and friends who have waited so patiently for me to post the final results.

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