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{It’s a Macro World | Jacksonville Photographer}

When my new macro lens adapter came in the mail last Thursday, I was so excited!  Of course, it came with NO instructions.  So I just kept playing around with different lenses and settings until I found combinations that work.  Here’s one of my first images:

It’s my engagement ring, shot in black and white.  I had to shoot indoors because it was already dark outside.
Then, I got to take some macro shots outside.  It’s been unseasonably warm here in Florida.  Even though it’s January, the plants think it’s already spring.

Some of the images were taken in my yard, but many were shot in my neighbor’s yard.  She has a beautiful garden in her backyard!  It is filled with crosses mirrors, sundials, and other ornaments.  She made me promise to come back again in a couple of months.  Of course, I’ll be happy to do that!

The macro adapter was very inexpensive.  (With shipping, it cost less than $11.)  But I love the results!  I can see myself sticking it in my camera bag to take along with me to a shoot.  It lets us see a different aspect of God’s beautiful world.

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