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Jacksonville Beach Basketball Senior Girls | Jacksonville photographer

These two beautiful young ladies are seniors on the Eagle’s View Academy varsity girls basketball team. I’m so proud of them! They have led their team to regionals this year. They haven’t played their game yet. I’m hoping and praying that they win and are able to go on to state competition. This has been one of the most successful seasons for our varsity girls team ever!

As you will see, this was a super fun shoot….filled with playing and laughter. These girls have been friends for a long time, and they are really more like sisters. Plus, they have an awesome coach! When we first planned this photo session, we originally decided on a local park. But the girls got the idea of doing it on the beach instead. Their coach was on board, so we made it happen!

It’s Florida… never know for sure what the weather is going to be like in January. That particular day, it was SUPPOSED to be on the warm side. However, it stayed fairly chilly all day. And as we drove to the beach, we noticed that fog was setting in. It was OK, though. The fog provided “atmosphere.” The girls were troopers; they braved the wind and the cold and the fog. Most importantly, they had FUN! That’s the way it should be.

I made sure to get several traditional shots, but I also included some images of the two of them laughing and playing around. When their coach picked out a promo image, I was happy to see that she chose one of the less traditional, candid shots. When I first started as a professional photographer, I shot traditional, posed images almost exclusively. But, over time, I’ve come to love capturing natural interactions between people more and more. I really think they’re the best! They tell the real story. They show the real emotions.

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