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Jacksonville Elopement in the Park | Jacksonville wedding photographer

When Kathryn contacted me about photographing her elopement, I was immediately excited! I’ve photographed several weddings, but this was my first elopement.

For the location, Kathryn chose a beautiful local historical park. The large barn provided a perfect backdrop for the short, sweet ceremony. Some elopements just involve the bride, groom, and a officiant. Kathryn really wanted to include her immediate family members and a few close friends. The groom’s family was unable to attend….with good reason–> they live in Australia!

Kathryn met Andrew when he was working in the U.S. several months ago. They met and fell in love. Andrew had to return to Australia for several months, which was quite difficult. Kathryn was able to visit him in Australia, but she needs to remain in Jacksonville while she finishes her college degree. So……an elopement was planned as soon as Andrew could return. True love always finds a way. It’s patient and willing to wait. That is one of the beautiful parts of Kathryn and Andrew’s story. And now they are united as husband and wife!

The bride wore a pendant engraved with an outline of Australia to honor her groom’s rich heritage. Andrew is in the process of becoming a citizen of the U.S. I didn’t know this, but he can actually become a dual citizen of both the U.S. and Australia. Kathryn is also planning on becoming a dual citizen of both countries. This will give them options.

The ceremony was short but very sweet. One of my favorite pastors in the world, Dr. John Montgomery, was the officiant. After family portraits, Kathryn and Andrew were able to take pictures at several locations throughout the park. Although it was quite overcast and a little on the chilly side, the weather held out with no rain the entire time we were there. I feel very blessed to be the one who documented this sweet occasion!

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