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Jacksonville, Florida

          I love looking at other photographers’ work!  For this reason, I participate in several different online photography groups.  Learning new techniques, getting constructive criticism, and viewing the work of other photographers who have different styles than I do is absolutely invaluable!  

          Recently, I was inspired by some stunning black and white images that a fellow photographer posted in one of my Facebook groups.  I’ve probably seen hundreds of photos of the Jacksonville skyline, but Kenneth’s recent black and whites of our city at night really caught my eye.  The Main Street Bridge is known for its trademark blue lights.  But somehow Kenneth’s monochromatic images brought an entirely different mood to the scene.  

          So……..I dug through my files and found a long-exposure photo that I took several months ago at Friendship Park.  And here is the result:

      I really like the contrast in this pic.  I also love the fact that the St. Johns River was fairly calm that evening.  There are some nice reflections going on here.  This makes me want to go back out and shoot some more nighttime pics!

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