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Meet Jasmine. She’s expecting her second child in May, and she is amazing! Not only is she gorgeous on the outside, but she is beautiful on the inside as well. I first met Jasmine when she was a student in my classroom. I think she took both my physical science and my chemistry courses. As a college student, she has worked hard to do well in her classes….as well as care for her young daughter. In addition to being pregnant, that is no small task! I really admire Jasmine for pushing herself to continue her education. This reminds me of one of my favorite quotes:

Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most. (Augusta F. Kantra)

We all benefit when we push through hard stuff to accomplish our goals!

And….in case you can’t tell….Jasmine absolutely rocked this maternity session! I recently found a [new to me] location, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!! I’m debating about whether to keep its exact whereabouts a secret. :)  I don’t really believe in magic; but, for lack of a better word, it seems magical. Like fairies could pop out at any moment magical. And I can’t wait to get back here on a foggy morning. I didn’t actually see any fairies, but I spotted a nice, friendly grass snake before Jasmine’s maternity session started. He even posed for a picture. No smile, though. :( We hit the lighting just right. I love how the golden hour sun peek s through the trees with delicious, warm light!

As a photographer, my take-away from finding this new location is to ALWAYS keep an open mind about your surroundings. You never know when that field you pass by or that back road will lend itself perfectly for an upcoming photography session. So keep an open mind. Always be thinking. Always be learning. Always continue perfecting your craft. Life-long learning!!!

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