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Lensbaby Spark First Impressions | Jacksonville Photographer

Recently, I purchased the Lensbaby Spark special edition lens for Canon. This is my first Lensbaby. I’ve secretly been eyeing this line of lenses for quite some time. I mostly do portrait photography, in which my focal point needs to be tack-sharp. Lensbaby lenses are designed to be creatively blurry. Fun, right?

Straight out of the box, you can see that THIS is no ordinary lens.

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According to the box, it’s a “manual selective focus DSLR lens.” With a bonus set of 12 changeable creative aperture discs, it really is the perfect entry-level Lensbaby. Currently, this model retails for $108. This is super-cheap for a lens. It’s also extremely lightweight, which is a huge plus.

There is definitely a learning curve with this lens. I’ve used manual focus lenses before, but they’ve all twisted. With the Lensbaby Spark, you physically push the lens in and out to focus. It moves like an accordion. And–even cooler–it tilts!

So here are a few test shots that I took at my house…..

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…..and at a local park by the Ortega River…..

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…..and finally at the Riverside Arts Market. It was the only lens I took. So I was forced to use it the whole time and NOT give up!

image to pinterestimage to pinterest

So you can see that there is a small area that’s in focus. The rest of the image is intentionally, artistically blurry. Which is kind of cool. Could I create¬†this same effect in Photoshop? Yes. But the Lensbaby Spark makes it more fun and creative. To be truthful, some of my shots were unusable because the focus was too poor. But I’ve read in other reviews that if you practice, you can get pretty good at it.

I foresee¬†using the Lensbaby Spark here and there as a supplemental lens, especially in natural, ethereal environments. I love the creativity that this lens brings. And it’s just plain fun!

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