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More Tests, More Waiting, and a Race???

After several days of battling with my doctor’s office and insurance company, I finally had two CT scans yesterday. That was quite an experience!

When I made the appointment, the nice man on the phone mentioned that I needed to pick up a little bottle of “barium” to drink one hour before my test. No big deal. Or so I thought……That “little bottle” turned out to be TWO giant bottles of barium sulfate. 450 mL each.

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I had to drink one at 10 am, and I drank the other one at 1 pm. They said they were berry smoothie-flavored, but you can just imagine how awful they were! It was more like liquid chalk that smelled like berries.

By the time I was on my way to my appointment, I wasn’t exactly sick, but my stomach was churning. Then, the radiologist made me drink a final cup of it right before my CT scan. This one kind of smelled like bananas. I didn’t even bother to ask what flavor it was supposed to be.

Part of the scan process was for me to get contrast through an IV. THAT was crazy! It was probably the weirdest body sensation I’ve ever had in all my life. It was so odd how quickly the warmth of it rushed through my entire body.

And then came the worst part. I was very sick to my stomach before I even left the imaging center. SO embarrassing!!!

I continued to be really sick until I fell asleep last night. However, when I woke up this morning, all of the stomach/intestine sickness had passed. Praise the Lord!

Fast forward to this afternoon. Troy and I went to the expo for the Gate River Run this afternoon. I registered for it back in October. I have a very nice green seeded spot. I know I can’t run the race, but I think I’m going to walk it. It’s 15K (9.3 miles). Before I got sick, I was running over six miles at a time. I feel good about being able to walk the distance.

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I really want to complete theĀ Gate River Run. In the past five years, I missed it one time because I was in Nicaragua on a mission trip. The Gate is my absolute favorite race of the year! It’s so much fun with all the people, the music, and SO many fans cheering people along the way! I also want the awesome medal that is earned at the finish line. I think it will be good for me to get out there and have a long time to walk and think and pray. I am trying to deal with not knowing what’s wrong with me. I have complete faith in God, that He will take care of me, no matter what. It’s easier to SAY that than to live it out, though. In case you’re worried, I don’t think I’m in immediate danger. There’s something going on underneath my ribs causing pain, especially when I lie down. I actually feel my best when I up and moving around.

So…….hopefully walking the race tomorrow will go well. And hopefully I’ll hear about the results from my CT scan soon. I’m praying for answers!



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