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More Waiting

image to pinterestLast Friday, I shared about waiting for tests. Since then, I’ve had a really tough, frustrating week.

My doctor’s office was supposed to work with my insurance company to get authorization for a couple of specific medical tests. Well, they completely dropped the ball and did not send in the paperwork. I spent a few hours on the phone (spread out over the week) trying to get it straightened out. It makes me sad that I had to do that.

Today, the authorization finally came through. But when I called to schedule the tests, the earliest that they can get me in is this Thursday. Six days from today. So I have six more days of pain before I even have the tests. Then I have to wait on the results.

It’s times like these when I have to lean on my faith. I’m not very patient by nature. So I’m sure God is working in me to teach me to wait. And lean on Him. Whatever is going on inside me is not a surprise to God. He has either allowed it or ordained it. Either way, I’m going to believe what God says in Romans 8:28:

And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

I’m really hoping that whatever is causing my pain is something very minor. Since it doesn’t seem to be healing on its own, I pray that it is easily fixed. But, if not, that’s OK. I know God has a reason and a purpose for everything.

Recently, one of my good friends found out that what she thought was just a cyst may be cancer. I shared some of these same words with her.

And I know that I have a lot of family and friends praying for me. I appreciate their concern and prayers so much. It really does make this time of waiting easier to bear.

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