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My Cross Country Team

          One of my very favorite things about fall is cross country season!  I love to run, and it is a pleasure to be able to pass that along to the members of my cross country team.  Our season runs from August to near the end of October.  Each race is 5K (3.1 miles).  I love encouraging my runners and seeing their great progress along the way.  It’s hard to believe this year’s season is almost over!

          This has been a very rainy/muddy season.  Finally, this past Saturday, I felt like it was dry enough to bring out my camera.  It’s kind of hard to be the coach and the photographer at the same time!  It went from being very foggy to very bright and sunny that morning.

          I’m really proud of my runners!  Six of them placed at this race.  The kids loved their medals, and I loved seeing them achieve times that they didn’t realize they were capable of making!

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