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My Favorite Things | Antique Glassware (and Second Chances)

I have collected antique glassware for pretty much my entire adult life. I kind of fell in love with glass serving pieces when I received some platters and bowls as wedding gifts. I fell in love with the delicate patterns and exquisite designs. But I quickly realized that new glass serving pieces are typically on the expensive side. I’ve been fortunate to inherit several really nice pieces from my family over the years.

One of my favorite pieces was an oblong relish tray. It looks just like the one below…..except this is not really it.

image to pinterest

I believe in using stuff–rather than just letting it sit there and collect dust. A few months ago, I used this tray a tray I once had that looks like this to serve some delicious brownies. Later, one of my kids (who shall not be named) was a little careless when he washed the dishes. It shattered on the floor into bits and pieces. And that made me really sad. I tried to find another one like it online, but I had no luck. I’ve kept my eyes open for another one at antique stores, too. Nothing.

Fast forward a few months……….

We had an indoor yard sale at church to raise money for missions. I casually browsed through the multitude of items, not finding anything special at first. And then there it was!!!! I could not believe my eyes! It was another glass tray identical to the one that got broken. And for only $5! Sold! One of our members went through a storage unit that had some of his late wife’s things in it. He decided that he didn’t need it anymore. But it just thrilled my heart to find that piece again!

I feel like this is a second chance for me to have something I enjoy using. And, the next time it needs to be cleaned, it will be a second chance for my son to wash it without dropping it!


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