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My Favorite Things | Brighton Diamond Hoop Earrings

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It’s a bonus Monday today (February 29th)! I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but I hope you have a fabulous day either way. :)

Monday means another installment of My Favorite Things. This week, we’re talking earrings!

These are my absolute favorite earrings. I wear them probably at least six days a week. They are¬†Diamond Hoop Earrings by Brighton. At $32, it’s pretty obvious that they aren’t studded with real diamonds. (They’re¬†Swarovski crystals, to be exact.) These earrings are from Brighton’s Diamond Collection.

I love these earrings because they’re not too big. Not too flashy. Just a little bling. They pretty much go with any type of outfit. From a nice dress to jeans and a T-shirt, they fit right in. They’re also dainty, which is important to me. I have a petite frame; big, chunky jewelry doesn’t look right on me. So these are a perfect fit!

In fact, I have several piece from Brighton that I absolutely adore. I’ve been a Brighton fan for several years. Their jewelry is well-made and classy. Their pieces are silver plated and very durable.

This is actually my second pair of these earrings. I bought the first pair quite a while ago. Since I wear them so often, the post of one of them actually broke. I’m fortunate to have a Brighton store near me. When I took the earrings in to find a replacement pair, the sales associate informed me the store would send them off for repair for free. If repair wasn’t an option, they would replace them. And that’s exactly what happened. Brighton replaced my earrings for FREE! That is excellent customer service. I already liked Brighton; now I love this store!

(And, no, I am not a paid spokesperson.)

I know that I’m not the only one who loves these earrings. The salesperson said that they continue to be on of their most popular styles.

I shot these images with a 50 mm lens on my Canon 5D Mark III with an XIT extension tube.

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