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My Favorite Things: Chocolate

Hello Monday! Today is special because it’s Presidents’ Day!!!

I don’t remember Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day being back to back recently, but this has been a special weekend.

And with Valentine’s Day comes extra helpings of one of my favorite things………CHOCOLATE!!!!!

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My favorite type of chocolate is dark chocolate. To be specific, I really enjoy¬†Dove dark chocolate. But I don’t exclude other types as well. :)

I also enjoy chocolate from Jacksonville’s own local chocolatier,¬†Peterbrooke. They have several locations around town, and I know that they’ve expanded to other regions of the country.

My family and I also had the pleasure of touring a local chocolate factory in nearby St. Augustine, Florida. Whetstone Chocolates offers a tasting tour. I highly recommend it; all five of us thoroughly enjoyed it! And, believe me, it is very hard to please two teenage boys, a young girl, plus the parents all at the same time! As we toured the factory, we would stop for delicious samples of their chocolates. They also talked about where coco beans are grown and how they are harvested.

I’ve always loved chocolate-as far back as I can remember from my childhood.

I remember getting a big chocolate bunny at Easter. I remember my Aunt Buttes buying our family a GIANT Whitman’s Sampler every Christmas. I loved it when my dad picked up my sister and I from an event, and we would convince him (without Mom there) to stop by the store for candy bars.

Now, as an adult, I still love chocolate! I’m also known for having an “emergency” chocolate bar in my desk drawer. It comes in handy whenever a day gets out of hand. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about! Chocolate can actually make things better. It’s a proven fact!

What’s your favorite kind of chocolate? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Do you have a special brand or flavor? Please share!

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