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My Favorite Things | Cupcakes

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Today I’m excited to blog about cupcakes! It’s Monday again. (What’s left of it, anyway.) Normally, I try to write my weekly post about one of my favorite things in advance. However, this weekend was super busy. And then today has been insane! So…..with three hours left…..I should be able to meet my deadline and actually still post on Monday.

The other day I realized that I have faithfully blogged on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each and every week since January 1st! That’s three times a week, if you’re counting. I’m so excited that I’ve been able to my goal so far in 2016.

Back to cupcakes…..I actually have a batch cooling in the kitchen right now. I’m making chocolate carrot cupcakes with orange cream cheese filling and chocolate frosting. And if you’re thinking that sounds good, you are absolutely right! I’m making them for a ladies’ event that I’m helping to host at church tomorrow night. These need to stay in the refrigerator because of the cream cheese, so I’m making them ahead tonight. My family is jealous.

I love all kinds of cupcakes! The one pictured is from Sivada’s Cupcakery in the Avondale district of Jacksonville. Pretty much everything they make is awesome! I featured this shop on my blog last year. You can read all about this local business HERE. It’s always a treat to get a cupcake from this shop. Their products are always fresh, they’re a generous size, and they offer seasonal favorites.

I also enjoy making my own cupcakes. And there are so many different kinds! It’s really hard to pick a favorite.

One of the reasons I love cupcakes so much is that they are just the right size. Plus, there’s a good cake-to-icing ratio. I have to confess…..when I eat a cupcake, there’s a sort of weird thing that I do. After unwrapping the dessert, I’ll pinch off the bottom half of the cake part and eat it plain. Then, I’ll eat the other half with the frosting, bite by delicious bite. That way, it fits in my mouth better. And, from that point on, each mouthful has plenty of yummy icing. I know that’s a little weird, but it makes me happy. :) I wonder if I’m the only one that does that.

Thanks for reading this post. Now go have a cupcake!

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