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My Favorite Things: Mod Camera Strap

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Happy Monday, everyone!

I’m excited to share about one of my favorite things (that’s actually photography-related this week): my black sequin camera strap from mod.

When I got my first DSLR several years ago, I was forced to use the generic strap that came with it because it wasn’t just MY camera. I had to share it with my husband. And, at first, Troy actually used it more than I did. But then I fell in love with making images. I read everything I could get my hands on. I practiced. I learned how to shoot in manual mode. And we fought over who was going to use the camera when we were together.

It became clear to us–to save our marriage, of course–that we each needed our own DSLR. Problem solved! And guess who got the better camera? Me! Troy graciously let me have the new one. (The fact that he was finishing his doctoral program at New Orleans Theological Seminary at the time was a plus in my direction.) Problem solved!

And then I quickly realized that I didn’t have to use the boring strap that arrived with my new camera. (Sorry, Canon.) The sky was the limit!

I wish I could say that I went straight to mod. and ordered the camera strap you see above. No…my first strap was a pretty blue floral handmade one I purchased on Etsy. It was really cute, but it wasn’t as comfortable as I wanted it to be. In addition, I started photographing events where it looked out of place. The bright floral pattern stuck out like a sore thumb at banquets, weddings, etc. Not very professional.

And then I found the perfect one! Mod had a line of sequin straps, and I chose a black one with just a bit of glitz. Not boring. Not too flashy. Definitely chic. Just right.

And the LINING–> so soft!!! I wish you could feel it. I don’t know what it’s made of, but Mod calls it their “signature lining”. I wish I had a whole blanket made from it!

I checked, and (sadly) Mod doesn’t offer this camera strap currently. But you can purchase one similar to it HERE.

So, if you have the luxury of NOT having to share your camera with someone else, treat yourself to a strap that…(1) you love AND (2) fits the level of professionalism that your circumstances require.



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