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My Favorite Things: New York City

Oh, this is a VERY happy Monday for me! Why? Because it’s SPRING BREAK!!!!!

Other than taking my son (who’s a junior in high school) on a tour at a specific college, we don’t have a lot planned for this week. My parents are coming to visit, so I’m sure we’ll do some local stuff with them.

One thing that my husband and I really want to accomplish over the next few days is to plan out our trip to New York City!

My sister and I met up in NYC during Spring Break 2015, and we had a fabulous time! Here are a few pics that I took on that trip:

image to pinterestimage to pinterestimage to pinterest

My husband, Troy, has also been to New York. He went a few months ago on a mission trip. But we have never been together.

We have a pretty big wedding anniversary coming up……..25 YEARS!!!

To celebrate, we’ve booked a trip together to New York City for June 2016.  We are so excited!!!

When I went with my sister last year, we were able to do a lot of the “touristy” stuff. (As you can tell from the pictures.) Troy, on the other hand, didn’t have time to do much of anything a normal tourist would do when he went.

So….this week Troy and I are going to get together and figure out what we both want to do together. At the top of the list is a food tour. My sister and I did one in Chelsea Market, and it was absolutely wonderful! Troy and I are going to pick out one from that same company, but in a different area of Manhattan.

We also need to tour the 9/11 Museum. Even though I saw it with my sister, that is a MUST SEE for Troy.

Another thing we both want to do is to cycle and/or run in Central Park. (Last spring break, I ended up running in Central Park in the snow!) There is a running store in a mall at Columbus Circle that has lockers for people to use while they run in the park. Pretty cool!

There are a few things that I’m not crazy about repeating. The Top of the Rock? Not really worth it, in my opinion. But if Troy really wants to do it….. Another thing I could skip is MOMA. Also, I’m sure that Troy isn’t really going to want to go to Tiffany’s. And that’s OK.

We are open to suggestions for our trip. Please comment with anything you think we should do as a couple. We are also looking for some romantic restaurants to try.

Contact me.