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My Favorite Things | Pinterest

I’ve been having a lot of fun since the beginning of this year each Monday. That’s because I get to share one of my favorite things with you!

Usually, it’s some type object. Maybe it’s photography-related. Maybe it’s not. But THIS week, it’s actually not an object. It’s one of my favorite websites!

Pinterest has been around for quite awhile. If you’ve never experienced it, you should! Check it out HERE!

I got in on the action fairly early. I wasn’t one of the very first people to have an account, but I joined when it was quite new. And I instantly fell in love with it! As a photographer, I’ve a very visual person. (Actually, I’ve always been a visual learner.) I absolutely love all of the tons of ideas on Pinterest!

Here’s a peak at my home page:

image to pinterest I have several boards dedicated to examples of various types of photography. In fact, I’ve subdivided some of them. I curate a general wedding inspiration board. In addition, I have separate boards for brides, grooms, and details. And cakes. I can’t forget the cakes! (I have deep respect for cake artists.)

Of course, I have many other boards as well. I’ve pinned several recipes (which I’ve also subdivided into different categories.)

Since I’m very active, I have boards devoted to running, cycling, working out, and triathlons.

Each major holiday has it’s own board for inspiration. It’s great to have one place to go to remember all of those ideas when that time of year comes around.

Some of my favorite, kind of random boards are…..

Coordinated Life

Party Ideas

Let’s Go Camping!!!

Words Matter

Can We Get Here from London?

Old Cameras Are Cool!

Although I have a board that features my personal photography, I honestly run my Pinterest account pretty much just for myself. I pin a wide variety of things. Some marketing experts would probably say that’s not good. But I’m OK with it. I think it helps my followers get to know me as they see what I’m pinning. And, to me, that’s a good thing. :)

Another favorite feature on Pinterest is the option to have secret boards. I use these when I’m planning a very specific styled photography session. (1) A lot of the pins in the new board may be things I’ve already pinned. I just need to put them all in the same place. I don’t want to be redundant for the sake of others. (2) Sometimes I just don’t want people to know what I’m working on until I’m ready to share the final product. :) (3) I usually create a secret board when I host a party or a shower because I don’t want my guests to see what I’m up to……I want them to be surprised by everything at the event. :)

Pinterest CAN be a negative for me if I let myself “wander” aimlessly too much. Time can get away from me if I’m not careful. But I’ve learned how to control myself. Well, mostly. :) I feel that Pinterest is an awesome tool for me–both personally AND as a professional photography business owner. I’m very grateful for this awesome website!


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