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Happy Monday to everyone! Today, my weekly “favorite things” post is all about the DETAILS! …….wedding details, that is.

image to pinterest

These gorgeous supporting pieces were part of an intimate wedding I photographed in a local park earlier this year.

I think “supporting pieces” is just the right term to use because that’s what they do. The bride (and/or wedding planner) starts with an overall theme in mind. Or maybe it’s a FEELING that she hopes people will experience at the event. And every single detail works together to support the theme.

This involves much more than picking out colors that go well together.  The details above come together to help create a light, airy, romantic theme. The bride actually styled the flowers herself for this stunning mini bouquet. It was carried down the aisle by her beautiful daughter, who served as her flower girl. I adore the colors she chose–the perfect amounts of blush and green mixed in with creamy white. Perfect!

The boutonniere was sported by her son, a ring bearer. It’s unfussy and classic. And just right for a little boy.

You can see a bit of the bride’s bouquet in the top left image. The focus, however, is on the ring. (Which, by the way, is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!) I added a couple of things to this setup. (1) A real silver tray (found at a local thrift store) polished up nicely. It adds to the romantic theme of the day. Also, it’s classic and timeless. Also, you probably really noticed (2) the vintage ring box. I found this treasure in an Etsy shop at Zoom Vintage. Again, this adds a timeless, romantic feel to the details.

These and other details come together to create the overall theme of a wedding. This one in particular was romantic/timeless.

Some weddings are modern. Some are vintage. Some are off-beat. Others are fairy tale. Maybe even steam punk.

The great thing about planning a wedding is that it’s YOUR day. YOU get to choose! It’s a reflection of you. Once decide on your theme-the direction in which you want to go-the details should all come together to support that theme. And that will make for a gorgeous wedding!

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