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My New Ring | Jacksonville wedding photographer

I love ring shots! And I especially enjoyed these particular ring shots. I’m excited to share my new wedding ring with you!

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My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes! 25 years!!!

When we got married back in 1991, I really wanted a diamond wrap for my wedding ring. Back then, our funds were a little tight, so I settled for this pretty sapphire wrap. (JC Penney catalog) Our original intention was for me to have that first wrap for a few years, and then we would upgrade.

As you can imagine, time went by. We had kids. We moved around. We changed careers. As the years crept by, we never got around to replacing that ring.

As our 25th wedding anniversary approached, we decided that NOW is a great time to update my wedding set. We kept the original diamond, but we had it reset in white gold. Troy and I went to Faith Jewelers on Edgewood Avenue (Jacksonville, FL). They were extremely friendly, helpful, and PATIENT! I chose a gorgeous diamond wrap set in white gold.

I love my new ring! And I love that my husband was so supportive of me picking out something that I really liked. Oh, and he took me to New York City for a week, too. So we had a pretty awesome anniversary. And it proves that good things really do come to those who wait. :)

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