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On the Other Side of the Lens | a personal post

A couple of days ago, I experienced the reverse of what I normally do. Instead of being the photographer, I was the one being photographed (along with the rest of my family.) Let’s just say it had been awhile since we had an official family photo session. Sure, I’ve taken lots of pictures of the kids over the years. But getting a family photo is much more difficult when I’m the photographer. :)

Besides the fact that I’m going to end up with¬†gorgeous family photos (taken by another very talented local photographer) I was able to experience what my clients experience:

(1) The challenge of picking a date/time: My oldest son is 19. My middle child is 16, and my little girl is 9. Needless to say, we are pretty busy. The 19-year-old was definitely the hardest to work with (schedule-wise), but we came up with a good date and made it happen.

(2) The benefit of booking early: Even though our session was on Oct. 12th, I booked it back in late August or early September. Our photographer had a few other inquiries for that same date after I booked. Had I waited, I would have missed out on my ideal time.

(3) Clothing decisions: Once the date was set, then came the agony–I mean challenge–of choosing clothing for each person in my family. As a photographer, I know that solids are best. So patterns (which can be distracting) were avoided. I didn’t want to be all matchy-matchy. I settled on colors that complimented each other AND the colors I’ve used to decorate my house. Here’s an iPhone pic of our outfits. (Please excuse all of the wrinkles and the sloppiness…this was pre-ironing.)

image to pinterest

(4) Weather-watching:As our date approached, I watched the weather carefully. We’ve had SO MUCH rain lately here in Florida. I was relieved that our picture day turned out to be gorgeous! Praise the Lord for that!

(5) Picture day craziness: On the day of our session, getting ready was a little hectic, but everyone was on-time. No one had a wardrobe issue or a bad hair day. That was a huge relief!

(6) Butterflies: I think all five of us were a little nervous at the beginning of our session. But everything fell into place. Our photographer had some great ideas for poses, and I know we are going to love the images!

(7) Anticipation: Like my clients, I’m now in the stage of waiting for our sneak peeks. I may or may not share some of them online because I will be using our favorites for our Christmas cards.

(8) Gratification: Also, like my clients, I’m looking forward to PRINTING some of my pictures. I will use the same professional lab that I use for my customers. It’s so important to have your favorite images in a tangible form. They become so much more meaningful when they’re not just stuck online. I’m already planning to send out Christmas cards that include our favorite poses. In addition, I want to display some of the other images as prints. And our favorite will be made into a gallery-wrap canvas.

Having family pictures taken is important, meaningful, and lasting. Even though it is an investment, it is worth every penny. Kids grow up. Things change. I’m so glad we took the time to make these recent family pictures happen with a fellow photographer that I know and trust!

<<< UPDATE >>>

Our sneak peaks are in!!! Jenn Guthrie Photography did a fabulous job, and I can’t wait to see the rest! Jenn captured our family perfectly. The lighting, colors, poses, etc. are just right. I’m also thrilled with the location she suggested. Family photos are definitely worth the time, effort, and investment. Period.

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