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San Marco Christmas Session | Jacksonville, Florida

San Marco Christmas Family Session | Jacksonville, Florida

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I did several family sessions this holiday season, including this fun family session in historic San Marco. Although I’m a wedding photographer, I always get a lot of requests from clients needing Christmas card photos. The best time to do these sessions is in October, November, and VERY early in December.

And, although these sessions are always great, I usually can’t SHOW the pictures. I don’t want to spoil my client’s Christmas cards by posting their images all over social media. That would be terrible! So I only post a Christmas session if I have special permission.

this sweet session

I had the BEST time photographing this sweet family!!! They contacted me after being referred to me by another client of mine. [Word-of-mouth referrals are wonderful, by the way!] This couple met and married a few years ago, and now they have an absolutely A D O R A B L E son! I kept telling them that they should audition him for modeling/acting jobs! Seriously, he has that sparkle in his eyes that make his whole face light up. Amazing!

their story

As I photographed their session, I discovered the amazing story of how this couple met, fell in love, and got married. They are both from Nigeria. However, they did not know each other in their home country. Separately, they ended up in different parts of the United States. They were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that both of them were from Nigeria. They developed a long-distance relationship, and their love blossomed. Now they are together in Jacksonville, and they have a cute son to complete their family.

the location

As we discussed the location for the photography session, we talked about many different options. We finally settled on San Marco. There were a couple of reasons: (1) It is near the family’s home.  (2) We needed to do the session at 2 pm, and San Marco offers a lot of shady spots…..even in the middle of the day. And, you can’t really tell it from the images, but the weather was PERFECT that day! Not too hot….not too cold….and a gentle breeze. In addition, I tried to do a mix of images that were clearly in San Marco (like with the theater in the background) + nondescript images that focused solely on my clients.

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their outfits

Did you notice how adorable their outfits are? When I posted one of these images on Instagram, one of my followers commented that their outfits are “Christmas card perfection.” I think that’s a perfect description!  I love that their outfits compliment each other, with out being exact matches. So festive!


Jacksonville photographerimage to pinterestJacksonville photographerimage to pinterestJacksonville photographerimage to pinterest

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