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These past few months have been a little….crazy/busy/awesome! OK….A LOT crazy/busy/awesome!!!

I was blessed to be able to go on four major trips this summer. They were each unique and absolutely wonderful.

And then I came home from my last two (back-to-back) trips and went STRAIGHT into teaching. And coaching cross country. And being a soccer mom. And all of my other “normal” things.

Yes…I am definitely in my busy season. People are starting to book their fall portrait sessions. And I have a couple of out-of-the-ordinary sessions that I am REALLY, REALLY excited about for September!

So even though I’m busy, and my friends ask my how I do it, I’m still happy. And blessed. And I know that this is where God would have me be. Right here….right now. So it’s good.

I firmly believe that God equips us as we need things. And I’m so glad He does because I am almost always needing something–> strength, guidance, patience, discipline, and (at times) rescuing. And I know this also: I wouldn’t trade this season for anything.

So….hopefully soon I’ll catch up on my summer blogging. And file those papers. And clean up the clutter on my desk. But, until then, enjoy these figs. I picked them from the fig tree in my own backyard. :)


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