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Starting Something New: PowerSheets

I hope you are having a fabulous Friday!!!

I’m excited today because I just finished reading Lara Casey’s book, Make It Happen. I LOVED it! Honestly, it is exactly what I needed to hear at this season in my life. I’m going to share more about it on my blog on Monday because it is my new favorite thing!

About halfway through Lara’s book, I realized that I really DID want to order a set of her PowerSheets. Those of you who know me are very aware that I’m pretty thrifty. So at $35 (plus shipping), I had put it off for awhile.

So what exactly ARE PowerSheets? They are worksheets that take you through a beginning process of discovering things about yourself…..who you are. What gets you going. What has been working. What hasn’t been working. Things that want to do….even if they’re really big and may seem impossible. Then, Lara guides you through the process of praying/thinking through all that stuff to come up with real, manageable goals. In addition, each goal has action steps. The whole concept is about living with intention. Saying no to certain things so that we can say yes to what really matters.

I purchased a six-month starter set. It was supposed to be delivered tomorrow, so I was delighted when it showed up at my door this morning!

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I purchased a 1/2-inch notebook to put them in. However, I might change it out for a 1-inch binder instead. It’s a little tight.

Since this is the end of March, myPowerSheet notebook is going to start with April. That gives me a few days to fill out the first section, which is entitled “Let’s Do This.” That’s a bit hard for the OCD part of me…..but I’m going to try not to think about that!

This has already been such an eye-opening process. I went through some of the steps already as I read the book. Honestly, it’s kind of hard. I had to admit some things that were painful to actually write down. It’s one thing to know something in your head, but when you speak it or say it, you really have to face it. And hopefully do something about it!

For example, I’ve really been convicted about how much time I TOTALLY WASTE on social media. I’m not sure exactly how yet, but I’m going to be taking steps to get control over my social media usage.

I’ll be sharing more about the book in Monday’s blog post. But I absolutely recommend the PowerSheets. If you’re worried about the price, think how much more productive you’ll be when you eliminate the clutter and live on purpose. Totally worth it! If you have a business like me, you’ll probably make more money. And even if you don’t, the benefits will be great!


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