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This past week, I had the honor of photographing Callie Shae’s entrance into this world. It was SUCH a beautiful experience!

As a photographer, great images are important.   But—more than that—it’s about telling a story. Each birth has it’s own story. It’s own rhythm. It’s own sweet, tender emotions.

Perhaps this particular birth was extra sweet because there had be several false alarms. Olivia had gone to the hospital (and they kept her) two or three other times. She was on bed rest for awhile. It was kind of tough. Each time, they thought, “This is it!” ……only to leave the hospital with more waiting in their future.

So when “the day” finally came, they wondered for awhile if it would actually happen this time. Happily, this time it was FOR REAL. Callie made her grand arrival in style! Callie Shae was born at 12:06 am on Thursday, September 8, 2016. She weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces. She was 19.25 inches long. A perfectly beautiful and healthy baby girl!!!

Olivia did a fabulous job during the entire birthing process, and Steven supported her every step of the way. Both grandmas were there to welcome this precious little girl! The midwife and nurses and all of the other staff members at the hospital were fantastic!

I am scheduled to shoot Callie’s newborn pictures tomorrow in her home with her parents and adorable big brother. They’re going to be a great representation of the first few days of her life. It’s important to do a newborn session within the first 10 days when possible.

It’s so awesome that I was there to capture Callie’s first few moments with her parents and family. It is an honor to tell her very first story!


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