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Woodland Photography Session

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When my new lens arrived, it happened to come JUST before Hurricane Irma steamrolled over Florida. I live in Jacksonville, and it got pretty intense. Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly the best time to test out a new lens on my camera. Finally, when everything cleared up, I knew it was time. My daughter was my model for this bespoke woodland photo session.

Jacksonville offers SO many different types of locations for photography sessions. Of course, there’s the beach. But we also have lush, grassy parks, lakes and rivers, historical urban areas, rustic grassland parks, and [MY personal favorite] gorgeous woodlands.

There’s just something about being in the forest that makes one feel close to nature. The fresh air, the birds, winding paths, and fresh air all combine to make the perfect setting for portraits. You can view another [pre-Hurricane Irma] photo session that I shot at that same locationĀ here.

Hurricane Irma brought lots of wind, rain, and flooding to our area. So many of my go-to photography spots were flooded. And, unfortunately, my favorite woodland park did NOT make it through the storm unscathed.

When we arrived at the park, we thought it might be OK. However, as we made our way down the trail, we realized that we were wrong. Several trees had fallen, blocking the path in at least five different places. We had to climb around the trees through the woods. My daughter was OK with that. She said that it made it more of an adventure. That made me proud.

In addition, debris was pretty much everywhere. Even so, the woods were beautiful. As always. :)

This woodland photo session took us a little longer than we planned because of all of the fallen trees we had to maneuver around. But we ended up having fun, anyway. My husband came along with us, and it was great to be out of the house on a Saturday afternoon instead of cooped up inside our house.

In case you’re wondering which lens I tested…….it’s theĀ Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 IS II.

It’s hard to find a negative review of this lens, and I’ve been wanting it for quite some time. It did NOT disappoint!!!

Normally, I’ll shoot a photography session with a couple of different lenses. But since I was specifically testing this lens, I kept the 70-200 mm on my camera the entire time. It was important for me to see how it did at various distances.

I’m so excited to add this lens to my kit!

Jacksonville photographerimage to pinterestJacksonville photographerimage to pinterestJacksonville photographerimage to pinterestJacksonville photographerimage to pinterest

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